I &hearts I

Jack Bauer saves the world.

Well, not yet. But he's close. There's still a crazy Russian out there.

Any-hoo. After many near-deaths, he comes in to the hospital room of his gal, and she says:

"I missed you."

He says:

"Me, too."

She says:

"You missed you, too?"

Not, really.

That last part I made up.

Now, I know this is a common thing.

I love you. Me, too.

I've always thought it weird, though.

You, too?


Anonymous said...

I want to start a club- People Who Hate Kim. How stupid can she be? Do we really believe she's smart enough to have worked at CTU?...of course not. Did the bleach go all the way to the brain? And why hasn't anyone figured out that men who date Kim end up losing a limb at some point? Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.

ACoolKid said...

The title of the post makes me think of a license plate I thought I wanted when I was younger. It expressed the "Just let me be me" feeling I had when I did things like went to summer camp. When I was old enough to drive, I realized I wasn't Boho enough to pull it off. Ah well. At least it would have fit:


Anon, you are not alone in wishing the mountain lion had polished her off years ago.


Anonymous said...

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