Three Things

Thing One
Scanning radio stations can result in scary fusions of top-of-the-hour news briefs. Yesterday morning, I got this:
Cathy Guisewhite, creator of the Cathy comic strip...was killed instantly when a barb from a stingray punctured...videos clad in lingerie.

Thing Two
Back to school means back to sharing a very small rest room with no ventilation. As I was completing a download, I contemplated creating a euphemism that roughly meant "Hey, I know it stinks in here. But it was like that when I came in!" Here's what I came up with:
Listen, I'm only adding embellishment to a symphony already written.

Thing Three
A recent parade led by firefighters revealed the following painted on the side of the fire engines:
Through these doors walks Whitehall's finest
Unless that sentence ends with "man" or "guy" or even "dalmatian", we've got an agreement problem.


eric j. sherman said...

RE: Thing Two: How about "variation on a theme..."

BP said...

(Thing THREE!) Maybe it's the hour. But isn't it okay if it's a substantive, single or plural?

ACoolKid said...

Just heard during Gilmore Girls, two ads that go great together. One was soliciting women that had a certain birth control method to join in a class action lawsuit. One was a brand ad for a grocery store chain. Together, they went like this:

"Attention women who use...the national brand pickle."

We listened intently, because we do use the national brand pickle....