SubPod2: Blends!

Subjunctivitis Podcast Episode Two

The description of Subjunctivitis Podcast in iTunes calls it a "weekly."
Turns out, this is a lie.

In this episode:
  • Listener Feedback
  • Lousy French
  • A list of fun portmanteaux (sp?)
  • The childrens' book of blends
  • Unresolved audio level problems
  • Same lousy theme music
UPDATE: I've since listened to Reminissions, by the group Avenged Sevenfold (I misspoke in the post, calling them simply "Sevenfold). They're not half-bad. I still don't know what the song's about, though.


dobbler21 said...

I don't have anything too terribly clever to say, but I really do enjoy your podcasts...both of them...and I urge you to continue b/c I find them somewhat more entertaining than any of the 8 channels that I receive...and I also urge you to consider, again, making your name "eric THEE babe" (I know, I know, the who letter thing doesn't work out then...) Looking forward to your next 'cast.

dobbler21 said...

A suggestion for your next podcast: BACKRONYMS

Sandy said...

Ooh dear, a misplaced apostrophe! Shouldn't that be "children's"?