Feeling a Little Floozy

Flu has been working its Blecch Magic through the ranks of SPASTIC as of late. This has caused a strain on our operations. Which strain is uncertain, but the flu-shot-making people* seem to have missed again. So now, we strain to catch up with (it's) life (Jim, but not) as we know it. As the strains of Robert Plant's great new single echo through the room, we look for brighter days ahead:

these are the times of my life
bright, strong and golden
this is the way that I choose when the deal goes down
this is the world that I love
painted all over troubled
take a little sunshine shine it all around
send a little sun down
spread it all around now
shine it all around now
-Robert Plant, Shine It All Around

*if I were a flu shot person, my bumper sticker would be "People are Strains."

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