Heavens to Schadenfreude!

Members of SPASTIC take no pleasure in others' grammatical mistakes. It makes us sad, yes. Cringe, absolutely. But it has come to our attention that there are those that find satisfaction in words like these:

"In this job you've got a lot on your plate on a regular basis; you don't have much time to sit around and wander, lonely, in the Oval Office, kind of asking different portraits, 'How do you think my standing will be?'"
-George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., March 16, 2005

We hope we are clear on this.
-SPASTIC Snagglepuss reference committe

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Idle Mind said...

Hmm... well I read it three times, and paused at different times, and even left a few worrds out.. and it just doesn't read very well. However, having bad grammer *ahem* AINT GOT NOTHIN TO DO WITH A PERSONALITY LIKE MAN A DO... Hahahaha! That was fun.. but hard work.