Danny Bonaduce Trims Dutch Elm
Partridge Pares Tree

Headline in today's paper:

Lansing Teachers May Pare Their Raise

I don't often hear "pare" without "down". A googlefight between "pare exenses" and "pare down expenses" comes out almost a tie. "Pare costs" creams "pare down costs", so I may be in the minority, here. Pare by itself may be more common than I thought.

Which is good. Because as I think about it, "pare down" seems to be a redundancy; you can't "pare up".

The story talks about teachers being forced to make a choice: take a cut in your (already sad 2%, but at least we aren't working for Delphi) raise, or we lay off 20 or so of your colleagues. Man.

Now, I guess it's up to teachers to decide which is better: a pare or a full house.


eric j. sherman said...

You should send part of this post (fleshed out a bit) as an editorial to said newspaper.

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

Thanks! Maybe I will.
(I'm assuming you mean the part about Danny Bonaduce)

eric j. sherman said...

I just remember what an impact and influence you made when you spoke at the "strike" and "no confidence" events at CMU and how even today your comments are remembered (Ms. Management).

I think the pare or a full house and Delphi comments are relevant, clever and memorable... especially coming from a teacher.