ROPE? Uh, Dope.

From acoolkid, comes this interoffice email letting folks know about an update to an unfortunate acronym:

...ROPES, Version 10.0, the Remote Online Print System, was installed into Production CICS and batch, effective with the cycle of the CICS regions this morning, August 25. There are no significant changes to the product, but it will affect both batch and online...

His question: Where do they get the E?

Sometimes folks get a little liberal, borrowing two or three letters instead of one from some words in order to make a catchier acronym. But there's no E to be found betwixt the P and S. Huh.
So why not use ROPS, and just pronounce it "ropes"? Dunno. Are there other example of this startegy out there?


eric j. sherman said...

Dah-Dah Dee-Doo -- Bum Ba-da-da Dee-do....


bloody papist said...

But CHiPs gets its 'i' from 'highway' and its 's' from being plural (I think). Then again, I don't think anyone was just called a CHiP. And what about adjectivally?

Aanyway, they're missing their chance at uberness by not doing as you say and putting a macron over the 'o'. (Mark my word, the macron will replace the umlaut in geekdom one day.)

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

I can't the ChiPs theme outta my head. Great.

RŌPS would look kinda cool.
Even cooler:


The umlaut is dead? Long live the umlaut! Rock on.