Pining for the Ford

Lisa Loeb told me that I say she only hears what she wants to.
Well, Lisa, to my ownself I must be true.

Because I'm in classic only-hear-what-I-want-to mode.

"What we essentially have here is an old-fashioned, not always convincing B picture with A-list stars."
"A passable distraction. Nothing more."
"As we watch Ford reprise his trademark mannerisms, we no longer enjoy the ring of familiarity. We just hear the tolling of a bell -- Ford's."
"Harrison Ford needs a better agent."

But, wait. There it is:

"It kept me alert, terrified and royally entertained."

Yes! Royally entertained! A-list stars! Passable distraction!
I am so there.


ACoolKid said...

Stand by your man.

ACoolKid said...

This just relates to Firewall, okay...

I don't think you'll want to see it, Harrison's go-to girl for computer security is Mary Lynn Rajskub, the computer security girl from 24.

Does that color your perception?