Advance Warning: Actual Experiences Ahead

A recent csmonitor article about podcasting explained that "...new software called iPodder allows one to download prerecorded radio shows onto the devices."
When SPASTIC went live, we emailed our friend Michael so he could check it out. Michael's response: "Cool! Are you podcasting yet?"
Well, dang! We just got a blog! Now we need to podcast? By the by, our blog launched a month before the word "blog" was officially banned, so you can see how bleeding-edge* we are.

Today is not about podcasting. It's about redundancy.
In the Monitor article, the author says you can download "prerecorded" radio. I have yet to find a postrecorded anything. Every time I do it, I have to first record it, then play it back. So it's simply been "recorded." To prerecord would involve somehow recording the event before I record it. Which I don't think people ever do.

It's time again to watch out for the Emerald Ash Borer, a nasty bug that's deforesting Michigan. A press release describes the scoundrel:
"Adults are dark metallic green in color, 1/2 inch in length and 1/16 inch wide, and are present only from mid May until late July. Larvae are creamy white in color."
So, they are either green or white "in color." The clarification is helpful, since some thought they may be green "in smell" or white "in love."

Folks with variable-rate loans may "have an unexpected surprise lurking around the corner", writes one recent article.
It's true that those unexpected surprises are much more surprising than the expected ones. Just last month, we gave SPASTIC's treasurer Frances a surprise party. Of course, we gave her fair warning so she could prepare, and she reports that the affair was "one of the nicest expected surprises" she's had in a long time.

I'm off to work on the second printing of my new bumper stickers:
Immediately Eliminate Redundancy Now!

*can we get "bleeding-edge" banished this year?


polyglot conspiracy said...

I don't know anything about podcasting (except that it reminds me of a friend saying we were turning into a culture of "ipod people," and this certainly can't help), but prerecorded probably means that it's recorded before broadcast. So the pre- actually refers to the broadcasting, not the recording. Because normally, a radio show wouldn't be able to be recorded until it was broadcast, inasmuch as radio shows tend to be live. So, like, if they're replaying a broadcast, you get that message that's like, "Please don't call us because this show was prerecorded." Pre- meaning prior to that particular broadcast.

See also prepay, preannounce, prefinance, presuppose, etc.. All of which involve doing the action denoted by the verb, but in advance of something outside of the word itself (payment due date, official announcement date, buying something, explicit premise, etc.).

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