I i, Therefore IM.

Yesterday, an esteemed member of the SPASTIC board won an iPod from Pepsi. He was quite excited, showing everyone he met. His enthusiasm was not matched by most, and some alternative names for the device were suggested, like the:


And I meditate, again, about the use of the small initial letter in branding. We've got iPods, iBooks, iPaqs, eMacs, the iRiver MP3 player, the BMW iDrive system; there's even a foot massager caled the iSqueez. Anyone ever get a five-day dose of Zithromax? It's called a Z-PAK. Not a small letter, but in the same vein. There are more, maybe you can post the ones you've seen.

I think "i" has had its run. Here's the first salvo in the fight for the use of small initial letter "u". It could stand for "unconventional" or "unmatched quality". It could be used in many products.

Vacuum cleaner: uSuck
Lunchmeat: uTurkey
Ragtime Piano: uBeeblake
Dr. Office: uB Illin'
Ventriloquism Aid: uBigDummy

et cetera. Discuss.


qflux said...

boat: uboat
U-boat: uUboat
after a knighting ceremony: uknighted
wonderfully for you: uforya
Odor: ustink
Learning: uknow
good surp: usurp
good good-bye: utah tah
anxious & sick: utensil
tourist: utourist
marathon: urun
wise person: usage
H: uh
buy gas at: ustation

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

utourist and urun.
duuuuuude, sweet.