Memos Def

To: SPASTIC employees
From: Human Resources

Re: Usage

First, someone has accidentally been printing papers that have
written in 72 pt. Garamond to my Laserjet (is this Latin? Yiddish?). If this your document, I have a stack of them for you to pick up. Also (and it pains me to say this), I'm afraid I found an AP Stylebook stuck in my shredder this morning. It must have accidentally been dropped there by the night custodian. If you are missing yours, I will gladly buy you a new one. And I am sorry for your loss.


Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on my recent series of memos regarding usage. Even though you don't say it to me in person, I can tell that they've gotten eveyone's blood pumping. In that vein (tee-hee!), I've come across another trend.

Please remember:
Even if I spend time both in New York and London, it does not make me a transponder.
A Transponder is also not a sportscar.

Oh, and related: please, please refrain from calling Trans Ams "trannies". No one says this. And it gets us on some very strange mailing lists.

I hope this helps.



ACoolKid said...


Once, my mother left me a note to clean up my stuff in the "Liv in groom." We didn't have any newlyweds living with us at the time, but I did find a mess of Oreo crumbs and a dried-up glass of milk in the Living Room....

I'm just saying...

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

ACK: Y'know, I used to think that I didn't need comments. That the process was the thing, that the blog was for Me, not Them. But a dearth of comments makes me question my existence: why am I here? Is this what I was Made For?

Thanks, dude, for bein' there.

Adi said...

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