Nu Mu Words (and Nu Mu Promises)

First, if you're here about Gyros, click here. It's not what you're looking for, but you might laugh.

The day after my post about NuUnion's goofy name, a friend asked me if I'd caught a new Washington Mutual television ad. I'd never heard of them, but they have a few banks around the state, probably the result of a merger or acquisition.
They refer to themselves as "WaMu." Pronounced, Wah-Moo. Their tagline: "The WaMu Way."
It's kind of fun, and interesting that a bank would take on such a moniker. They're trying for the hipper, younger, fun-loving-er customer, I'd say.
They have an education rewards credit card called "WaMoolah."
Now, they just need to merge with NuUnion and become:


or, NuWaMu?


ACoolKid said...


If we're talking Greek, though...

Nu is "New," Mu should be "Mew." Which would actually fit Washington Mutual better. Or am I supposed to be pronouncing it Moo-tual. It sounds very Jersey...

BP said...

Washington Mutual's been around for a while. I'm guessing the WaMu thing started as an ad push very recently (just saw it today). Struck me as completely wonky. They have a good reputation, though.

eric j. sherman said...