Dodgy Logic

I took my eight-year-old and five-year-old to the 3/8 mile paved oval track in the middle of the corn field down the way. We got to wear squishy dayglo earplugs, sit on a bleacher built during the Johnson administration, and eat hot dogs way after bedtime. Very fun.

During intermission, we checked out the "Souvenir Stand". To give you an idea of its appearance, I can tell you my five-year-old daughter's first question was:
"Is this a garage sale"?

It was quite the hodge-podge of merchandise. Some stuff from Oriental Trading Company for the kids (500% markup, natch), some Dale, Jr. wallets, some tin signs for the side of your garage that have the dixie flag and the words REDNECK BOULEVARD.
The one item that's stuck with me is the decal for your truck window that says:


Now, that's a statement that conjures an image. And it ain't pretty.

But more to the point, it just doesn't make sense. I'm not a science teacher. But we're led to believe that the guy's vehicle practices some magical alchemy that can change a vehicle it consumes into another make of vehicle?
OK, I get it.
But it still doesn't work for me.
Like, I think I'm led to believe that a Chevy is better than a Dodge.
But the Chevy turns into a Dodge when eaten and pooped.
So, in the end, I've got a Ford and a Dodge, and no Chevy.

I don't know what this means. I'm just thinkin' out loud.
Or, maybe, over-thinkin' out loud.

All I know is that it'd be more helpful if I had a car that instead of s******g Dodges, dodges s***.


qflux said...

I suppose there are even more ways of interpreting this observed 'declaration':

From a sort of equation sort of view it could be boasting Dodges -- that is: it takes both a Ford and Chevy (in some way) to equal a Dodge -- Dodge is simply the 'product' of combining Fords and Chevys.

If this were chemistry, perhaps Ford is the catalyst wherein in (double in!) the presence of a Chevy a reaction occurs creating a Dodge (leaving the Ford relatively unchanged as any catalyst would be)


Ford + Chevy = Dodge

Dodge is twice as good as either Ford or Chevy?

Dodge's are made of parts from both Ford and Chevy?

Dodge just sounds better than ChevroFord? Fordrolet? Chevordy?

Or maybe we could do this uber-symbolic -- that is if Gerald Ford and Chevy Chase were a gay, married couple . . .

I don't know . . .

If cars could eat other cars and create new cars wouldn't this be a great asset to recycling?

I didn't mean to over-think this any more than you over-thunk it, but I think I did . . .

I feel your pain.

Adi said...

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