A Round Of Bierce, On The House

"An egotist is a person of low taste – more interested in
himself than in me."
-Ambrose Bierce

Today is Ambrose Bierce's birthday. Mr. Bierce's spirit is a continual inspiration for this site, evidenced by both his image and my pseudonym. In 8th grade, we saw the black and white short An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, and I knew this was a dude I could hang with.

If he were alive, he'd be yelling "Hey, Let me out of here! I'm alive!"
If anyone thought that in bad taste, know that Ambrose would've really dug it. Actually, the joke's so old, he may have written it.

I wish I had more, something witty, deep, ironic. But I got nothin'. Sorry, AB. Next year, I'll have it more together.


M@ said...

Ambrose Bierce was also the most readable reporter on the Scopes trial. Kansas could use him right now.

His collections of essays are well worth getting hold of. I think my university had a couple of volumes, and they were brilliant. His piece on pop psychology, while written in an era when Freud was still current, was stunningly appropriate.

I'll raise a glass. Here's to AB, a better man than I and a better journalist than any alive. We await his successor.

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

Nice, Matt (clever moniker).
Thanks for the thoughts.

qlflux said...

the film version of "An Occurence . . ." was actually done by somebody French and was aired as a special Twilight Zone (near the end of it's run) -- I have it if you'd like to get a copy - you know where to find me.

And, I must say - I saw that film in 8th grade too . . . and never forgot it - that's why 18 years later I hunted it down on the internet so that I could acquire it like the capitalist I am.

qflux said...

sorry . . .let me specify a little -- French? not sure but:

the film:

Robert Enrico, 1963