Amber Waves of Grainy

A red, white & blue sign hung over our restaurant table this evening. It had an Americana feel, meant to look Arts & Crafts, but was definitely mass-produced.
It read:

Land of the Freedom



trevor@k’alebøl said...

It makes more conventional sense if one thinks of it as a word-for-word translation of "País de la Libertad", but I'm not sure you want it to make conventional sense.

eric j. sherman said...

"Ambrose's Waifs of Grime"

I have no idea what I am doing. Just though Ambrose needed more mentioning and... nevermind.

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

trevor: I'd figured it was a translation issue, but wondered at others' thoughts. I figured it was more of a Chinese or Tawainese translation, but only because it reminded me of some of the directions I've had to decipher as I put together bicycles, playsets, pools, etc.

frank: never too much Ambrose, my friend. Not familiar with that work, I'll have to check it out... always enjoy a good dirty-kid book.

Amanda said...

Can't discuss... too busy giggling...