A Fair Cop

I realize the county fair is not the place to go if looking for strict adherence to grammar rules. We're usually happy if the number of tickets to ride is less than or equal to the number of teeth owned by the ride operator. We do not go looking for rule-breaking to pounce upon.

But, wow. I must share.

I do not wish for a camera phone; they seem quite unnecessary to me. But I wished I'd had one yesterday so that I could have documented these examples for you, so you knew I was not lying. I think you'll see that the truth here is far wilder than anything one could concoct.

Offender #1
Extremely minor, but interesting. A T-shirt with the Rebel Flag. Underneath:

If my shirt offends you,
Its made my day.

The only punctuation missing, of course, would be the apostrophe in the contraction it's. But beyond that, the structure of the sentence seems to be telling me that if I am offended, somehow the shirt has made his day. This is not the crazy example. But I found it interesting that this shirt has obviously been mass-produced, leading me again to wonder at the quality of people in the T-Shirt proofing business. Colleges offering Associate degrees in T-Shirt proofing are obviously not doing their jobs, and standardized testing should be required to improve their performance.

Offender #2
Here we go. Seen at the game booth of a knock-down-the-pins game. Hand-painted, quite permanent, looking as if some care had been taken in creating it, this sign read:


This is truly amazing to me. You can see the fellow, standing there, brush in hand:
There's an apostrophe, I'm sure of it. But where?
Or, perhaps it's a contraction, but I'm not coming up with the missing letter. Elm?

Offender #3
Across the lane, there was another game of skill. Its title:


I swear I am not making this up.

Final Review: the cotton candy was fabulous, the elephant ear greasy, the pizza doughy, the demolition derby loud. A good time was had by all.
The fair rock's!


M@ said...

I picked up a flyer in a large home renovations supply depot yesterday. It proclaimed that "Its' easy" to build a deck with their $17 brackets.

Its' also easy to chuck the flyer away and build the damned thing myself.

Again, the apostrophe imminent syndrome rear's it's ugly head.

Daryl said...

"Standardized tesing"? Is that "testing" or "teasing"? :)

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

M@: Its' never easy to do anything from a large home renovation's supply depot...

daryl: D'oh! Thanks!

Jack Trainor said...

I was hoping for an explanation of "fair cop" -- that's how I got here -- but well done.

I'm also looking for arbitration on whether Paul McCartney is singing "...world in which we live in..." or "...world in which we're living..." in the song "Live and Let Die."

I'll take my answer off the air.