Snap To It

The word "snap" (as in SNAP!) has become quite a versatile idiom, especially with those younger than I.
"Snap" can be:

A response to a putdown
CLARENCE (to JERRY): You're so stupid it takes you two hours to watch 60 minutes.
ME (on sidelines): Oh, snap!

An S-word alternative
TOMMY: Snap! March of the Penguins is sold out! Looks like Dukes of Hazzard for me!

An expression of joy
RED: Whoa! I'm getting Gameshow Network for free! Snap!

An expression of surprise
PHIL: Snap! Steven Tyler is a doctor!

Of course, standard definitions of "snap" (finger-popping, losing one's temper) are still about, but seldom used.

These ruminations come about because yesterday I purchased these:

These, as you may know, are SNAPS®. As hard as I find this to believe, I had never had SNAPS® before yesterday. I enjoy candy. If I had an Indian Prince's cash, I'd build a chocolate palace, and eat it all before it melted. How have these treasures eluded me? They're like Good-n-Plenty, but Gooder and Plentier. I had some left, and I just finished them. Snap, these are good.

A new school year is beginning. I will keep a supply of these delicacies on hand. When students yell out Snap! (as is their wont) I shall chuck one their way. As these candies were not made by Mountain Dew*, they will hate them.

So, as we bend at the starting block of a year, awaiting the buzzer that sounds the start of another mixed metaphor, take a moment to luxuriate in the anise-y goodness that is the SNAP®.

*Kids love the Mountain Dew. Is it just me, or wasn't Pitch Black II called The Chronicles of Riddick?


Alistair! said...

I actually watched "Pitch Black" and "The Chronicles of Riddick" back to back ( or one after the other) and found them to be the only Vin Deisel movies that I like. I'm actually looking forward to a third...weird!

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

I didn't plan on liking Riddick and quite did. Is there a 3rd in the making? It seems they must've lost their shirts on that one. Maybe it did better in Japan than here...

downstar13 said...

what about The Pacifier. Vin Deisel is in that? oh SNAP that's right, it floped. *Opens mouth to recieve a Snap