Three Short Bits

The Wiggles have a camel song with this rhyme:
From Abu Dhabi to Australia
In the desert a camel won't fail ya


A hospital billboard in town uses this headline:


Shouldn't these one-word statements be parallel? As I read them, I get that this hospital is (of) quality, it is (in my) hometown, and that it is... care. I realize that they mean to say that they care, but then they would also be saying that they quality, no? Bill Walsh had a nice bit about this a while back.

Fee Tines
I don't often go about telling people of funnies I made earlier. They are never funny out of context. But I am quite proud of a joke no one in the car laughed at, and I share it here. If this makes me a Big Fat Egohead, so be it.

SEVEN YEAR OLD SON PLAYING WITH BALLOON: Daddy, do you know what's keeping my balloon down?
DADDY: Is it The Man?

Correction: I laughed.

Bonus Fourth Bit
For, like, a week now, Sir Paul's My Love has been in and out of my head:

Wo-wo-wo-wo-wo-wo , my love does it good.

Such crazy grammar. Such schmaltz. Yet, there it is. Every morning. Can't kick it it.


Anonymous said...

Why can't "quality hometown care" just mean "quality care available in your home town"? My trusty Occam's razor says that it's a cheaper hypothesis to dispense with the periods than to construct a linguistic theory to account for them.

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

If, anon, you mean that they should ditch the periods, huzzah.
If you mean my overcomplicated reading of the headline is a violation of OR, I would submit that their crazy hipper-than-though text is the violator.
BTW, did you know that I liked the Occam's Razor so much, I bought the company?

eric j. sherman said...

Your KJV needs a little work.

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

Uh, thou, yes. Hipper-than-thou.
Though, hippier than thou, as well.