If You Build It, They Will Still Charge $1.50 For Extra Guac

A Build-Your-Own Fajita* restaurant in town has two large signs on the wall, side by side, with the headlines:


I understand that folks feel impelled to add apostrophe's after vowels. I know that this is a Thing (This cartoon acknowledges that fact nicely), but then I can't follow as to why they didn't have WINE'S. These are very nice, very permanent signs.


A superior said the other day that he'd taken so much heat from his bosses that "at this point I have Asbestos Pants. Cute. I wrote it down. Then I wrote next to it: "He's doing asbestos he can." There's a knock-knock joke in there somewhere...

*You don't have Build Your Own Fajita places? Not only do you get to spend as much as you would at any other nice restaurant, you get to make your own dinner and wait in line for someone to cook it. Genius!


eric j. sherman said...

Perhaps the maker of the sign was not informed about the purpose of the sign. Perhaps he thought someone owned the wine, a woman, perhaps:

Margarita's Wine

TheLoof said...

I have never heard of anyone putting an apostrophe before an 's' to make it plural. That's a new one for me, maybe it is because I'm a writer and have always surrounded myself with writers who would never do a mistake like that. That cartoon made me chuckle though, and it looks like I've found a new comic website.

Steve H said...

I think it all started with names. We get these greeting cards that say "Love the Johnson's," and I'm thinking "Love his what," his hair, his winning smile--and why do you call him "the" Johnson?

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

frank: that the wine was Margarita's was my first thought, too.

loof: check out party stores. There are many that deal in cigarette's.

steve: you gotta love the Johnson, though.