Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady Chablis

So, I'm working. In the other room, Law & Order: CI is on. Someone on the TV says:

"...died giving himself a sherry enema."

I yell into the room:

"Sherry Enema would be a great drag queen name!"

No response. I wish they still made Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

I'd try out for it.

Cuz that was gold, if you ask me.


eric j. sherman said...

Ok... Joel, or whoever the last guy was, had Tom Servo and Crow... if you were going to do the next MST 3K v3.1, who would you have sitting next to you?

By the way, had the weirdest dream last night. Not only quite David Lynch in nature, you called me and I explained to you everything that was going on... really weird.

Joshua Estrin said...

As Agent and Manager to The Lady Chablis see has been called a great many things and compared to far more, but never an enema...As long as you spell her name correctly thank you and keep up the blogging


Adi said...

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