Movin' Out

This sign was posted by the roadside today:


Such simple words, fraught with such ambiguity.

Has the scheduled date of the sale been bumped up? To when? Have I missed it?
Is this a sale that moves about, like a Progressive Supper?
Will the emotional impact of the sale be so moving that I may be transformed? Am I up to this?

Or is it that someone is moving. And having a sale. And it's up there a ways. And that I felt I didn't have the time for a more thoughtful post, and I mailed this in.

Could be.


Lee Stevens said...

Maybe they meant they were moving a large "sail" ahead and to be careful, and they misspelled the word as "sale".

eric j. sherman said...

I am just disappointed that you didn't stop and say hello. I didn't know you were in our area and saw our sign.