Grab a Paddle and Hold On

A gusher of thoughts hit me in the shower this morning, and here they are, in order, before I forget them. Rarely do I take the time to trace my stream of consciousness, but since some of these thoughts were languagey I thought I'd let you all float down the stream with me.

Speaking of extraneous punctuation, CSI: is just silly. I know they do it because of CSI: Miami and CSI: New York and the upcoming CSI: Salt Lake City*. They think we somehow need remind that "hey! There are other CSIs out there!" But I don't get that from a colon at all. All I get is that you were about to add something, then stopped typing. It's more like CSI: oh, forget it.
Which makes me think of emoticons. The birthday of the emoticon was recently, and it got me thinking that I never have used one. Seriously. I never drew smileys in letters either or wrote "j/k" after a joke. I've always figures that either you get me, or not. Of course, I can be dry and sometimes my jests have been taken straight.
An emoticon could have changed the response to a note slipped surreptitiously to my (soon-to-be-canceled) date in 4th hour Algebra. Tell me if you see a difference:
#1. Maybe we could hit Pixie and try to get our names on the wall for eating 12 burgers.
#2. Maybe we could hit Pixie and try to get our names on the wall for eating 12 burgers. :)
For the record, my name's on the wall at Pixie in Mt. Pleasant. It's not under Eric "Babe" Morse, though. That's a pseudonym. Look for Chad Sanders. And it's for eight coneys, not 12 burgers.
In the eighth-grade spelling bee, the moderator asked us to spell pseudonym. But he pronounced it SUEDE-uh-Nimh. Like suede coat. We got it right, anyways.
A math teacher of mine had elbow patches the size of mouse pads.
Had a dream last night I became a 2nd-grade teacher. At the open house, I was 30 minutes late and there was a mob at my door. I tried to explain that I'd been caught in a freakish lightning storm, and trees were falling everywhere, but no one seemed to have noticed any storm. I told them I was very into active learning, and this made them happy, except for one lady, who said "Not a good first impression. That's strike one."

And that's the end of my shower. Eventually, all things merge into one. And a River Runs Through It.

*Since I've always seen the CSIs as latter-day Quincys, this one works for me. :)


BP said...

The stroke thing?


Took me a while to realize we were rowing down the stream of consciousness. Instead of. Shower. >.> Stuff.

Anonymous said...

Remind me to ask you exactly where you put your name. My mom always stops there when we go up to Rosebush to see relatives. I'll have to look next time.

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

BP: I am experiencing Dismay tinged with Mirth at the Untintended Reading of my post. I am ruined for the day. This may haunt me.

I should have known this would happen. I teach graphic design, and when an element can use on outline, I tell the student to "stroke it". That, sadly, is intentional.

anon: Last I checked (1995), it was above the archway that separates the dining area. I have been told it's still there. Rosebush, a lovely town. And, but for a last-minute change of mind, nearly the name of Orson Welle's sled.

ACoolKid said...

Orson Welle's sled?
I think that was Rosebush. He changed it to Rosebud for Citizen Kane so that people would think the story was a Hearst biography, not his... Such a clever man.

ACoolKid said...

Mr. Koutz?