Christmas #1s

So, this is a quick post I anticipate returning to as I pay more attention and my list grows.

There are some searches people use to find my site that are so oddball, I come up as the #1 hit in Google. Which is cool, but I often wonder why folks are searching it to begin with. The big one is the phrase simple pans tense. It shows up all the time.... like nearly every day at least one person searches for this. What does it mean? Google thinks it's a typo. Maybe it is... but looking at a keyboard, it doesn't seem like a typo, at least not for "past tense," anyway. Any ideas?

Another popular search is for fake palindromes, though that only comes up #3. In that vein, the misspelled pallindrome gets me a lot of visits, too, thanks to a typo in a comment post on that page. Another comment typo that gets me a #1 is a search for meaning of audasity.

Another #1 hit is rhyme scheme of the song holy diver. This one makes me happy.

A #1 hit that surprises me is #1 is the infamous el guapo. Seems like other sites would be ahead of me, on that one.

Another I see about once a week is list of words for said. Another #1.

And Emoticon Woman. Sounds like a great screamo song.

And Oh Ya You Betcha.

Another I like, because it means others have the same problem I had, is pronounce requited.

Strangely, Danny Bonaduce tree gets a #1. I can't imagine what that person's looking for.

Soon, I hope Christmas #1 holy diver gets me a #1. That'd rock.

Nut N Honey Truck
- #1! (12/10)