The Drugs of a Nation

I've been thinking about prescription drugs, their names, their marketing, etc. I've had so many random thoughts it's hard to categorize them. So, I won't. What follows is a random progression of thoughts I've had over the last few days. See if you can follow:

Two Things I Get Confused:

Speaking of Flomax,
there's a work by British poet Giles Fletcher called "Christ's Victory And Triumph" that contains these lines:

About the holy city rolls a flood
Of molten crystal, like a sea of glass,
On which weak stream a strong foundation stood,
Of living diamonds the building was.

to which I would reply: "you said weak stream."

Last week, I said I was going to think about some new drug names.
Here are some I've come up with. Feel free to use any of them. Send checks made out to "Cash," please.

Mucinexium: Treats heartburn and mucus buildup.
Wadasec: Slows time long enough to get one's shoes tied before everyone leaves.
Mandelycin: Rejuvenative properties strong enough for, in some cases, career resuscitation. See Deal Or No Deal.
Methodone: Gives users a heightened emotional connection to their current circumstance. Also marketed as Nicholsomine, Brandomycin, and Denirotonin.
Anxiety medication for producers unsure of which villains are necessary to make a successful superhero sequel. See Spider-Man 3, Batman and Robin.
Darvaset: Rationality inhibitor. Prescribed to those thinking about joining any shady-sounding Fox Reality shows.
Vickodin: Caffeine pill. From their website: "Feeling dog tired? Need a burst of energy? Try Vickodin. If you've lost 1/2 or more of your vitality, we'll help you get at least a quarter back."
FlikDotAtta Diethylamide: Antacid.

Here are some drug names I don't have description for, but like their sound:

Benaflex: something about flexible benfits, or Ben Affleck.
I want to come up with a drug that is an "Analcheesic."

Maybe I'll come back and add to this list sometime. What have you got?


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find a place to use "Sorry, I must have gotten my Enablex and Abilify mixed up." Because they seem like they would do the same thing, but they don't.

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The idea behind that finding is really great, but it needs more classification.

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