Oh, What A Relief It Is

A catalog came to the house with this cool clock for sale:

The pins shift in and out as the minutes change, giving a cool bas relief* readout. It's like those pin art things where you stick your face in and the pins make a 3D mold of you. At least, I always stick my face in. Other people probably stick in other things. (keep your thoughts to yourself here, BP)

Any-hoo, the bottom of the description had this to say:

Takes 2D batteries

I laughed. Then, five short days later, I ran to the computer to share with you all.
I anxiously await the newest flood of spam postings in response.

*not sure if this technically is bas relief, but I didn't want to use 3D twice in two sentences.


Bridget said...

That is COOL! I need one! Unless its cost is proportional to its coolness...

jess said...

Call it bas relief all you want. I sure won't stop you.

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

80 bucks. Bas, humbug.

ACoolKid said...

What's this, now?
They make it with spam, too?
You get much cooler catalogs than I do.

Though the newest Lego catalog has a bunch of oddly creepy sets for the new Harry Potter movie, including a set for the "Graveyard Showdown." It's got tons of unintentionally creepy slogans all over it to get kids to want to buy it: "Includes 4 cemetery tools!" "Pull back headstone and skeleton pops out!" "Tom Riddle's Grave is filled with snakes!" "Turn Death Eater's Head to reveal true identity!" (spoiler: It's Malfoy...) and my favorite: "Wormtail uses the cauldron to bring Voldemort back from the dead!" I can't wait to hear kids using these classy advertising buy-ins: "But Mommy, Tom Riddle's grave is filled with snakes!!!"

ACoolKid said...

you say it's made with pins...
Does that mean it's from the Sharper Image catalog?

Eric "Babe" Morse said...


Re: Harry Potter


Re: Sharper Image


BP said...

I'm innocent, I say! Innocent!

Do hope you realize, though, that I've just spent about ten minutes trying to imagine 2D batteries in a 3D world. It burns.