Jokes I Remember From Junior High (1 of 7)

A priest, a rabbi, and a preacher walk into a bar.

"Ow," they say.


ACoolKid said...

This may not be the place to gloat, but:

I read a Star Wars Trivia 3 Musketeers wrapper to a coworker today:

"Who's [sic - no lie] home planet is Kashyyyk?" I Asked.

"The wookies," Said he.

"Well, the wrapper says 'Chewbacca.'"

"Yes, but it would be a lonely planet if Kashyyyk was only for him. There might be other speices, too. But most species are probably smart enough not to live with wookies!"

"Yes," said I. "You're right there's not too many. Because if they're living with a wookie, they're probably living Solo."

Speaking of "Ow!"


Eric "Babe" Morse said...

Nicely crafted, my friend.


Hey, there's a Star Wars Trivia 3?!