Of Carpools and Malapropisms

In the carpool yesterday, a young science teacher told the story of setiing up an experiment using a small, scissor/tweezer-esque implement. A couple of students asked:
"Is that your Rose Clip?"
She wasn't catching their reference, but the way they snickered she was pretty sure it was drug-related. They found it even funnier that she didn't know what they were talking about.
In the 'pool, we explained to her they were probably talking about a Roach Clip.

What have we learned today?
1. Two young men laughed at their teacher for not knowing what a "rose clip" is.
2. The closest thing Google gets to their meaning for the term is "Download Charlie Rose Clip"
3. Sadly, the irony of the situation will forever be lost to these two fellows.


eric j. sherman said...

The real "irony" will be when in ten years "rose clip" and "shiznit" make it into the dictionary at the same time thanks to inappropriate use.

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

Many thanks, Dear Reader, for bringing "shiznit" back to the fore. I look forward to the search engine traffic that its use will generate.
Shiznit shiznit.

eric j. sherman said...

Na-noo Na-noo

ACoolKid said...

I think I went to school with these two guys. And I just had my 10-year reunion. I would have thought they'd have graduated by now... Of course, if they've been smoking roses...

To me, a rose clip sounds like something that should be used with a cumberbund.

Supposed Roach Clip Revolution said...

This is interesting. I didn't know the youth are calling roach clips "rose clips" now. But, on the other hand I was recently told about this website offering a "revolutionary roach clip." Funny how I hear 3 different references to roach clips in the same day.