Three Words I Use When I Want To Sound Smarter Than I Am

Hierarchy (pronouncing it hear-arky)

What are yours?


Bridget said...

A priori
Prima facie
fin de siecle
...this is embarrassing; I should stop!

BP said...

I don't have a set list. (But a good Latin cognate can do wonders.)

I'm a philsophy and literature major, though. I don't get to sound smart. Just passable.

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

Bridget: Back when Orrin Hatch was trying to destroy the internet with strongarm copyright infringement laws, the world of file sharing before his involvement could be called:

A pre-Orrin.

bp: I'd love a good Latin cognate right now. In a snifter, in front of the fire... wait. That isn't right...

TheLoof said...

Pedantic (which suits that very well)
ipso facto (I learned from Ben Stiller, ironically)
Well, for me they're smart words. >.>

ACoolKid said...

I've taken a liking to "itinerant" lately.
And though it is cliche, I still find that "antidisestablishmentarianism" is almost always good for a chuckle!

And the spam protector is making me type "tzahsu" which is now my all-time favorite word. I know you didn't ask that, but I swear it will make me smarter!

MarkDM said...

"As per usual."

"To wit."

Also, I use British pronunciations, to wit (see, didn't that sound smart?):

ReSEARCH, as opposed to REsearch.

Militree, as opposed to military.