Logical. Phallus-y.

Mere months after Pimp Dose, we've got another vandal in the school.
His tag:


It's written in red sharpie on lockers, in the stairwell, on railings.
This may be the work of a group. There's a chance they're a new gang, marking their territory with graffiti. While it's easier to read than typical gang tags, it's just as confusing. There is no punctauation to help us.

Is this a triumphant announcement of his/their manhood? (Penis!)
Is it shock at a recent discovery? (Penis?!)

Or is it, as I'm hoping, the start of a campaign?
Much like the billboards that post a series of teasers before the entire ad appears, I think "penis" will soon have a "The" in front of it:


A few days later, the rest of the text will follow:

mightier than
the sword.

Clever, penis-man. Very clever, indeed.


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