Vanity of Vanities; All is Vanity

Hey, Mr. '05 Mustang Driver. You blew by me so dang fast I could barely make out your vanity plate:


Now, as humbly as possible, I'd like to say that I'm pretty darn good at figuring out vanity plates. I'm usually the first one in a group to shout it out. Now, now, no comments about the social life of a person who takes pride in being the best vanity-plate-figure-outer. Stay on topic, Vanity Plate Man. This is about you, not me. Your plate left me STR8UP stumped.
IMHO, vanity plates are MENT2B understood. An inside joke plate is a waste of money. Vanity plates are all about others' recognition of your wit and good humour:

A1ANA2? A-1? Like the steak sauce? Who's Ana? Oh, A one and a two! He's a conductor! Ha ha! Good show!
(A1ANA2, famously, was Lawrence Welk's vanity plate)

So, back to you.
Mr. Lead City? This is my best shot. But I can't figure this out. It's a Michigan plate... We're not a big lead producer, as far as I know. Judging by the speed at which you passed me, you have a Lead Foot, but are speeders referred to as being from "Lead City"? Not that I know of.
Is your name Merle? You didn't look like a Merle. Not to pigeonhole you or anything. Besides, I still don't make anything of it. Merle D. City?
Meryl? A Meryl Streep fan, perhaps? And your plate references the state of being that comes about on the eve of a new Streep movie... Meryldicity?

No, Cool Car Guy, I can't get it. Therefore, I dub thine plate whack.
The truth hurts, my man. Pick yourself up, get to the DMV, and take a Vanity Plate Mulligan. My suggestion:



Anonymous said...

Emerald City if you hadn't figured it out

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

Of course I figured it out... ha ha ha. Sometimes I just play like I don't see really obvious things for humorous effect. Ha ha... ha. I mean, it's so easy, right?

[Calls DMV]

Hello? Is HMBLPIE taken yet?

eric j. sherman said...

As he will not, I find it a necessity to point out the simplistic genius that "babe" uses in his critique of he who would step up to the plate only to confuse us.

Of course he knew what the plate "read"... therein lies some of the humor... but to continue on in the vain/vein... And? We can all figure out what it reads, yet still... what does it mean? What have you shared if you randomly shout out municipalities of children's literature?

ACoolKid said...

Was it a....green...Ford Mustang?

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

Yeah, it was green.
As was I.
With envy.
Perhaps that explains my lack of lucidity toward him and his pl8.