The Wonderful Thing About Taggers

Just came from a restroom where this pithy insight was scrawled:


Is this a line from Snoop Dogg's latest effort, Forrest Pimp? Or is it that there is a pharmaceutical measurement for escort managers called a "pimp dose"? Alas, probably a typo. If only Sharpie®s came with spellcheck, it would have... well, actually, not seen anything wrong. Right.

I am not a fan of graffiti. Free speech, yes. Artistic expression, yes. But not Vandalism. Even when they call it "tagging", making it seem more a job requirement than a crime, I cannot buy it. Even the sweet ones.


10 or more years ago, I stopped at a rest area in Georgia, and saw the only graffiti that has ever made me laugh out loud. It's not original anymore, but at the time it was groundbreaking to me.
Before this moment, hot air hand dryer graffiti had pretty basic rules:

1. scratch out the "w" in "warm" and the word "air" so instructions read "rub hands under (w)arm (air)."
2. scratch "3. wipe hand on pant" below instructions.

For some reason, it was almost always the singular "hand" and "pant". Maybe curvy esses are hard to scratch. Any-hoo. Text-based instuctions for hand dryers were replaced with iconographic ones, much like the manual for anything made by Little Tikes®. Some time passed where people still scratched the "wipe hands" line, but it didn't really make sense without the other text-based instructions.

Then, that day in GA, where I see this:

It took me so by surpise I laughed out loud. It echoed. Guys looked.
Now, I see this graffiti around. There's even a T-shirt. At the time, though: wow. Wherever you are, bacon-joke man, mad props.

So, in conclusion: graffiti is bad. Stay in school. If unsure of correct Pimp Dosage, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist.


Sassy said...

i agree. art is thing, graffitti is bad, please stay in school.

the bacon thing is funny as hell though. this was the first time i saw that.

Sassy said...

oops, think i spelled graffiti wrong. hey, maybe i'll stay in school too : )

Idle Mind said...

Man, that was good! Bacon. Now that I am eating meat again, the word bacon wont make me throw up a little. Cool.
By the way.. got any ideas on and opinion thingy for me to write? Still can't think of anything. If you do and don't want to forget then send it to me now. http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=lifeunchained

See you tomorrow morning.

Idle Mind said...

By the way... nice job getting me side-tracked by your site in 3rd hour. I mean "Come on" can't you make them a little less entertaining. Just kidding!

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

Glad I can bring the bacon joke to a new crowd (namely, girls who use non-graffitied hand dryers).

I never thought of Hell as funny, though I know folks say that... I wonder when the word for eternal damnation became a generic tack-on: crazy as hell, fresh as hell, sweet as hell, mad as hell (though the crazy and mad ones kind of make sense). Maybe an etymologist will read this and let us know.

qflux said...

Speaking of bathrooms and graffiti not more than 5 days ago I stood in a bathroom to see unavoidably scrawled in front of me the ambigiuous phrase: "I love Bush"

Below this were some (apparently) subsequently penned words of clarification: "not the president but #*$&@!"

While this content is still "in the bathroom" it is noteworthy because while cryptic phrases, or inside 'code' and slang may be used in a lot of tagging, ambiguity is rare. (I suppose your example with "dose" was unintentionally ambiguous?)

I agree with the SPASTIC crew on the non-value of most grafitti but -- like the clever 'bacon-bit', if one is going to vandalize I would encourage the use of areas of the brain outside of the brain-stem. That is, "Hey taggers! If you're going to tag, make us think -- be cagey, astute, clever -- or include some ambiguity, irony, or paradox!"

aside: while bacon in the bathroom would be a potentially fun idea I imagine there would be some health code issues

Anonymous said...

For graffiti that is art, go here: http://www.banksy.co.uk/ then click through to 'outdoors'