At bed time, my seven-year-old son and I practice his spelling words. Often, he'll get a sound-alike. The exchange will go something like this:

"Bare like bare naked."
"Oh. B-A-R-E."

Then he'll make the "hang loose" sign with his right hand, put it to his ear like a phone and sing, to the tune of the chorus from Jesus Christ Superstar, "Homophone, homophone..."

This is obviously something they do in school, and it's great. I just revel in the joy he shows when learning new things, especially when it comes to language and wordplay. I've already posted here how he enjoys puns. And I think "man, to see language as that much fun..."

And then I remember that I do see language as that much fun. Most of the people who come to this humble site do. English is nuts. I have to explain that to my son: because, that's why. Why do I tear up a paper and tear down a wall? Because English is a mish-mash of sounds and ideas worthy of Fatboy Slim and Soulwax. Oh, and stick around, son, the rules'll change.

Everything but that one about subjunctive mood is up for discussion.

Thanks for visiting.

*hey, I just noticed a typo in the title. The "B" and "N" sure are close on this keyboard. Well, too late to fix it now...

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