What Hits!?

So, craziness has made it so a lull must occur at SPASTIC. Between Eunice's visits with the Rhodes Scholar people, Vin's experimentations with a new top-secret curry dish ("Super-Curry Fantastic" is its working title), and Gabriel's involvement in fixing the hydraulics on his '76 Impala, we just don't have the manpower to create.

But many of you are new here. Please take the next few days to check out some of our favorite posts to date:

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Juan, sense nerds!
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I i, Therefore IM check out qflux's comments here. way funny.


Anonymous said...

this is Amy Rabideau, I saw Casey looking at your site so I wanted to feel cool and say HELLO!!!!

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

Hey, Amy... I mean, anonymous... thanks for visiting. The four exclamation points tells me you found your stay quite enjoyable.