King of Cyan

This just in: the black mold that has recently infected SPASTIC HQ may not even be black. A local library was stricken with the stuff, and we're told that:

...Black mold, or Stachybotrys, isn't always black. [some mold expert] said it grows in many colors.

Well, then, "black mold" is not such a great name, is it?
I realize that "Grows-in-many-colors Mold" is a mouthful. But at least it's accurate. Rainbow mold, perhaps. Like rainbow sherbet, which is, of course, a lie as well. Three-colored sherbet is, by my count, four flavors short of a rainbow.
Guess what? The Red Sea is not red. And they call Donovan "Mellow Yellow," when he's white.


ACoolKid said...

Quite Rightly!

ACoolKid said...

With the library closed, does that mean I can keep "The Office: Season 1" until it reopens?

Ms. Yardbody said...

I'm just mad about your blog. I hope you'll take my copy-editing survey .

Justin said...

Stachybotrys was definitely black when it showed up during an inspection of a condo my wife and I nearly bought three years ago. Which made us blue. So we backed out of escrow before it could turn us green.

(Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

--Semantic Compositions