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The trailer for Mr. & Mrs. Smith tells us that the main characters "...are the world's most deadly assassins..."

Was my reaction to this commercial:
A It's good to see the guy from Thelma & Louise getting work.
B Angelina Jolie in leather + Expensive Explosions = This summer's biggest blockbuster!
C Yes! Appropriate use of the superlative!

Sadly, as you've guessed, it was C. Why? Take a look at this excerpt from a Money magazine article about a GAO report on crash tests:

Rollovers are among the most deadliest crashes, accounting for about 8 percent of accidents but about a third of all occupant fatalities.

More and more, I'm hearing (assumably) intelligent folks refer to something as "most deadliest." I realize that the Money article places rollovers "among" the most deadliest. Are they off the hook? I'm sticking with "among the deadliest." Is it that, in the 21st century, there are many, many things out there that are the "deadliest", and we must make sure people know which of these deadliest is the worst? How much more deadly can something be? Perhaps:

• The All-New Roach Motel! Now kills roaches 25% deader than before!

• You thought the deer you killed last season was dead? With the new Remington 7667 Pump Action Rifle, your next deer will be even more dead!

• Lita Ford is back with her new single, "Kiss Me Most Deadliest"!*

BTW, Mr. & Mrs. Smith does look like it'll be the most funniest action movie this summer.
*This last one was stupid, but I wanted three and I don't want to spend more than ten minutes on this.


ACoolKid said...

I remember when the snake I was most afraidest of was the "Cold-Hearted" variety in the Paula Abdul video. Man, he was skeezy.

Adi said...

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