System of a Noun

SPASTIC HQ is in the process of getting new linoleum in the kitchen. We've asked Luan to supervise the process, since she's the flooring expert. I'm just a layperson, and definitely not an underlayperson.

Yes, I did it. It's the first Luan joke for this site. Look for our series of gypsum board gags later this year.

Any-hoo, it reminded me of the nouned word "install." As in:
"He's not in. He's out on an install."
"We can schedule your install for a month from now."

In our neck of the woods, the nouned version is to be pronounced with emphasis on the first syllable, I believe to make the distinction from an outstall.

Finally, if you are interested in picking up some construction slang, this guy's site is quite interesting, and amusing. Especially his definition of "wigger" as one who wigs out. Huh. Even in his context, I will not be using this word.

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